Purley Planning Summary – 8th March 2021

Purley Planning Summary – 8th March 2021


The current volume of planning applications and decisions in the PWRA area can make it challenging to keep up with what is being proposed for our area. Consequently the PWRA Planning Officer now prepares a summary of planning activity in our area so we can more easily track this, and determine the action we will take for new planning applications.

We believe that this will also be useful for members and publish it here so YOU can quickly see what we believe to be the most significant planning matters in the PWRA area, the actions we will be taking / have taken, and enable members to take their own actions (eg objecting or supporting new planning applications).

Please do read through this Planning Summary, and we strongly urge you to also take the actions that we at the PWRA will be taking (see Objection reasons in RED INK) in response to the new applications listed.

Who should you contact?

In addition to taking action through Croydon Council’s planning portal, or by writing to the Planning Officer responsible for an application, we also strongly urge you to send your responses directly to the members of the planning committee. They are listed below, together with their Council e-mail addresses: 

Purley Planning Summary – 8th March 2021

Running Total of Additional Housing Units in the PWRA Area (from 2018):

Total: 2537 housing units

of which:

Approved: 1392 housing units

Pending: 610 housing units

Refused: 413 housing units

Withdrawn: 122 housing units

Applications Granted

126 Foxley Lane (and 1 Woodcote Drive) (20/0117/FUL) Demolish the current buildings and build 41 flats (4 x 1 bed, 22 x 2 bed, 15 x 3 bed) with 21 car parking spaces. Comment: PWRA had objected.

Applications Refused

725 Brighton Road (Capella Court) (20/06601/GPDO) Conversion of offices to 132 flats. Comment: Reason for refusal – Highway / road safety concerns and insufficient on site car parking. Even though this is was a GPDO application PWRA had objected.

60 Brighton Road (20/06506/CONR) Conversion of existing house to form 1 x 4 bed, 1 x 2 bed, and 1 x1 bed flats. Comment: Reasons for refusal: Proposed changes to design and landscaping would be detrimental to the appearance of the property and the street scene; and no guarantee is given that a large tree on the frontage would be retained / protected.

Significant New Applications

176 Foxley Lane (21/00632/OUT) Demolish two semi-detached family homes and construct 8 x 4 bed houses (4 x semi-detached houses) with 8 car parking spaces. Comment: This is intensive development in a section of Foxley Lane that already has a number of flat developments completed, under development, or consented. Whilst this proposal is at least for houses rather than more flats, cumulatively the impact on this section of Foxley Lane will be significant (eg in terms of services provision and highways). Object based on; Overdevelopment, Overlooking, Detrimental impact on tree(s), Traffic and Highways, Noise, Inadequate amenity space.

59-63 Higher Drive (21/00772/CONR) This site has consent for 40 flats with 24 car parking spaces. The original applicant has sold the site on and the new developer (Moat) has found that to achieve the National Housing Standards, they need enlarge the proposed building’s footprint at the rear by 8m on all levels, incl the lower ground floor car parking area. Comment: Apart from the obvious question over how Croydon planning officers allowed a sub-standard building to be approved, we should object to this proposed revision of the planning consent, which will only amplify the over-development and out of character nature of this development. Foxley RA have prepared a comprehensive objection which we should mirror.

57 – 59 Selcroft Road (21/00213/FUL) Demolish two existing family homes and construct 24 flats (1 x 1 bed, 8 x 2 bed, 15 x 3 bed) with 21 car parking spaces. Comment: This is proposal for a large development on a prominent corner site and which has limited amenity space for occupiers and is totally out of character with the locality. Object based on: Loss of family homes, Not in keeping with the area, Overdevelopment, Obtrusive by design, Overlooking, Detrimental impact on tree(s), Traffic and Highways, Noise, Inadequate amenity space.


62 Brighton Road (20/03765/CONR) Conversion of existing house into flats (4 x 2 bed). Appealing the refusal of changes to the front and side elevations. Reason for refusal: Proposed changes are out of Character with the area.

87-89 Foxley Lane (20/02239/FUL) Proposal for 23 flats and 5 houses. Appealing against the comprehensive refusal of this proposal.

88 Riddlesdown Road (19/04371/FUL) Proposal for 21 flats. Appealing against the comprehensive refusal of this proposal.

One Comment

  1. Carol Waplington

    Complete overdevelopment. Inconvenience to residents leaving
    along the proposed development. Traffic would be horrendous
    along a very busy road. With what people have gone through over the
    last 12 months being locked up in a flat what they need – no garden.
    Whose to say Covid will actually go away.

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