The PWRA Constitution

Purley & Woodcote Residents’ Association

Constitution & Rules

Name, Objects & Membership

  • The name shall be the Purley & Woodcote Residents’ Association
  • The objects are to protect the interests and to preserve and improve the Amenities of the District. The Association shall be non-party political and non-sectarian.
  • It may put forward independent candidates in Local Council elections.
  • The area covered shall be that part of Purley, South Croydon & Coulsdon which the Executive Committee shall decide, omitting those portions which are covered, by agreement, by neighbouring Residents’ Associations.
  • Any adult resident in the area or in an adjacent area directly served by the latter, may join as an ordinary member and continue in membership by payment of the annual subscription.
  • Local groups of residents already established in parts of the area, to serve the sole interests of their local estate or neighbourhood, may become Associate members on their election by the Executive Committee and payment of an annual subscription to be mutually agreed.


  • There will be an Annual General Meeting and such other meetings as considered necessary by the Executive Committee, at least 10 days notice being given.
  • The Executive Committee will normally meet monthly.
  • Decisions at all meetings shall be by majority vote and a quorum is formed by at least one officer and five other members of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

  • Management of the Association shall be by an Executive Committee, consisting of four Officers (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer) and at least 3, but no more than 20 members.
  • The Officers and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected at Annual General Meetings, but the Executive Committee will be empowered to fill vacancies arising during the period between Annual General Meetings.
  • At Annual General Meetings, a President, Vice Presidents and Life Vice Presidents may be elected, who shall be ex officio members of the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee may appoint sub-committees or nominate members to deal with specific matters.

Subscriptions & Accounts

  • The annual subscription for ordinary members shall be such amount as may be decided from time to time at an Annual General Meeting. The annual subscription shall run from January 1 to December 31.
  • The annual subscription for Associate members shall be decided in each individual case by the Executive Committee, in negotiation with the group concerned, in the light of the circumstances, including the size of the group.
  • The Hon. Treasurer shall present an audited Statement of Accounts at the Annual General Meeting. Cheques drawn on the Association’s bank account shall be signed by two of the three Officers.


  • A regular Newsletter will be published on our website.


  • Alterations to the Constitution shall be made only at General Meeting of the Association.


  • The decision to terminate the Association or merge it with another, also arrangements for disposal of assets, may only be made at a General Meeting of the Association by a motion carried by at least two thirds of the members present voting.

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