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New planning application service for PWRA members

This is the link to a specially to the new PWRA planning application service

As local residents will know only too well, the PWRA area is now subject to a large and ever-increasing number of new planning applications. Residents, not unnaturally in these circumstances, wish to know what new developments are being proposed around them, so that they can act if necessary.

In recent months keeping abreast of new local planning applications has become more difficult. The council has changed the way that the general public can access the planning section of its website (needless to say it is not as convenient as before) and the Coulsdon & Purley Advertiser has stopped carrying new planning applications.

To answer the concerns of local residents and to provide a further benefit of PWRA membership the PWRA has just signed up to a new planning applications service. Now, you can go to the PWRA website and access a regularly updated a table using the link

This shows a complete list of all the active planning applications and appeals in all the postcodes in the PWRA area.

Any decided applications will remain on the planning table for two weeks.  The applications are listed by street name so it will be relatively easy to check the roads around your home for anything that may cause you concern.

This planning table will make it far more convenient to check what is going on locally – and we also believe it will be much easier than trying to use the Croydon council’s planning website or relying on the posters that are seemingly randomly placed on lamp posts.

Along with the active planning applications you can also see the planning history going back five years for any postcode within the PWRA area.  This will enable  you to check if any building work near you is likely to have planning permission (or not).

The PWRA planning table will updated every weekend.  The date and time of the update is in provided in the top left of the web page.  We encourage members to check the planning table soon after each update so that you can be fully up-to-date on local planning activity.

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