Purley Planning Summary – 4th October 2021

The current volume of planning applications and decisions in the PWRA area can make it challenging to keep up with what is being proposed for our area. Consequently the PWRA Planning Officer now prepares a summary of planning activity in our area so we can more easily track this, and determine the action we will take for new planning applications.

We believe that this will also be useful for members and publish it here so YOU can quickly see what we believe to be the most significant planning matters in the PWRA area, the actions we will be taking / have taken, and enable members to take their own actions (eg objecting or supporting new planning applications).

Please do read through this Planning Summary, and we strongly urge you to also take the actions that we at the PWRA will be taking (see Objection reasons in RED INK) in response to the new applications listed.

Who should you contact?

In addition to taking action through Croydon Council’s planning portal, or by writing to the Planning Officer responsible for an application, we also strongly urge you to send your responses directly to the members of the planning committee. They are listed below, together with their Council e-mail addresses:

Purley Planning Summary – 4th October 2021

Running Total of Additional Housing Units in the PWRA Area (from 2018):

Total: 2994 housing units

of which:

Approved: 1506 housing units

Pending: 746 housing units

Refused: 617 housing units

Withdrawn: 125 housing units

Applications Granted

Applications Refused

21 Cliff End (Ref: 20/03578/FUL) Demolition of outbuildings and construction of a 4 bed detached house. Comment: Refused at Appeal. Main reason for refusal: Harm to the character and appearance of the area.

Significant New Applications

129A Foxley Lane (21/04691/FUL) Retrospective planning application for a 4 bed house. Comment: This appears to be an infill development. In principle one might have no issue with it, other than the significant fact that this is a retrospective application, and so supporting it would appear to condone a breach of planning law.

32 Highfield Road (21/04691/FUL) Demolition of outbuildings and construction of 2 4 bed semi-detached houses. Comment: Adopt a neutral stance.

84 Woodcote Valley Road (21/04550/FUL) Demolition of existing family home and construction of 7 flats (2 x 1 bed, 2 x 2 bed, 3 x 3 bed) and 2 x 1 bed semi-detached houses at the rear, with 9 car parking spaces (of which 6 are at basement level accessed by car lift). Comment: This is significant over-development of the site and would result in a building that would be both out of character with the surrounding house, and visually dominant at this point on the road. Object based on: Loss of a Family home, Over-development, Out of Character with surroundings, Detrimental to occupiers of adjoining properties, inadequate car parking.


10 Manor Wood Road (Ref: 20/03354/HSE) Retrospective application for roof extensions and erection of two rear dormers. Comment: This retrospective application was refused by Croydon as it; ‘would harm the architectural quality, character and appearance of the host dwelling and the surrounding area’.


938 Brighton Road (Ref: 21/02616/FUL) Change of use from a Bank to a Restaurant / Takeaway

41/43 Russell Hill Road (Ref: 20/06025/CONR) Variation of plans for planning Permission 18/04264/FUL for 2 x three/four storey buildings comprising 8 x 1 bed, 16 x 2 bed, and 4 x 3 bed flats. Comment: The variation was requested because; ‘The previously consented scheme could not be realised in compliance with building regulation guidance’ (quote from the application)

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