Planning Aid For London – New resource for residents concerned about Planning

For those of you who do not subscribe to the local news site ‘Inside Croydon’, we are publishing their recent article on planning and how one might get planning understanding and advise through the Charity, Planning Aid for London.

With the planning challenges that we are currently facing in the PWRA area, and the South of the Borough generally, easy and potentially free planning advice can be very valuable for us all:

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Charity launches online resource to help on planning issues

Planning Aid for London, a charity offering free advice for the public to better find their way through the planning system, has made a library available online to help people understand why and how their neighbourhood is changing.

The library maintains information about changes to planning policy and brings together resources explaining planning in an easy-to-navigate hub.

Planning Aid for London has been established for more than 40 years and through its advice line offers free, independent and professional advice to those who would otherwise not be able to afford professional help. PAL says that, “The advice provided reflects the current planning system in London but is not part of local or central government nor developer-influenced.”

In June 2020, PAL entered a three-year partnership with the Town and Country Planning Association, funded by Trust for London, to expand its services and provide more support for neighbourhoods undergoing large-scale regeneration.

“Although various guides, advice services, videos and other planning resources exist, too often people remain unaware of development proposals in their neighbourhood and how they can influence them,” a statement issued by PAL today said.

“The planning library brings together more than 150 resources, organised according to format and topic, to help educate people on town planning matters.”

Those unable to afford professional advice can contact Planning Aid for London for help on new development, planning applications, enforcement notices, consultations or other planning matters.

“PAL aims to empower Londoners to understand what changes are happening around them and how to get involved,” said Katy Lock, a trustee at the charity.

“Our new info hub provides easy access to resources which will help cut through the jargon and explain the technicalities. It is also a calling card – we hope individuals and community groups will use our free advice service and explore the different opportunities to get involved in PAL.”

To find out more, visit the website here:

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