VOLUNTEER: Police & Community Weapons Sweep, May 19th-21st

Volunteers needed for May Weapons Sweep

Throughout the week of May 16th, the Met police are working with the National initiative against violence in support with Operation SCEPTRE.  Operation Sceptre is a national week of action which aims to tackle knife crime.

Anyone who attends will be teamed up with officers to search specific locations for knives.

Officers will take responsibility for handling any weapons that are found and securing them before they’re removed from the location.

A message from local Police Sergeant Tony Brown LCGI

My aim on this week specifically Thursday 19th May to Saturday 21st May to complete Community led weapon sweeps and crime prevention advise.  This is to bring the community together and work together with guidance from the ward Police teams.

Could you asap please contact the Resident Associations to send this message out that like I have stated this is for the community to come together and the Police ward teams as a show of strength to show those on our wards that we are together taking action.

Please advise me by Friday 13th that the message is out there.  WE need community numbers for these events as this is community lead

We will provide gloves and advise on how to complete a sweep and will be handing out Crime prevention advise to the community as we go along..

Meeting Places for Volunteers

Thursday 19th May Community led weapon sweeps at the following locations;
Old Coulsdon / Kenley Wards 3 groups – meeting at 1700 hours (5pm):                  

  • TOLLERS ESTATE –  meeting at Lacey Ave junction with Tollers lane
  • OLD LODGE LANE – meeting at Old Lodge lane Baptise Church sweeping along Old lodge lane towards Betts Mead Rec.
  • CROFTLEIGH AVE ESTATE-  meeting at Old Lodge lane Baptise church.

Friday 20th May  Community led weapon sweeps at the following locations;
Purley & Woodcote ward 1 group meeting at 1700 hours (5pm):

  • RUSSELL HILL PLACE / BRIGHTON ROAD AND HIGH STREET – meeting at Russell Hill place junction with Russell Hill Road

Saturday 21st May  Community led weapon sweeps at the following locations;
Coulsdon Town ward  2 groups meeting at 1700 hours (5pm):

  • LEADEN HILL / STATION APPROACH – meeting at Brighton Road Junction with Leaden Hill.
  • RICKMAN HILL AREA – meeting at Portnail Close junction with Rickman Hill.

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