Croydon Art Society ‘virtual’ exhibition starts 31st May 2021

Croydon Art Society ‘virtual’ exhibition starts 31st May 2021

With the country still in the grip of Covid19, The Croydon Art Society thought it sensible to go ‘virtual’ once again in order to hold its Summer Exhibition.   The exhibition is entitled ‘Art from Isolation’ and will be shown on The Croydon Art Society website from 31st May 2021 until 10th July 2021.  The website address is:

For many artists creating pictures has been our salvation during the long months of isolation and restriction. Some chose to express how they felt during the Covid crisis, where others have have had flights of fancy, possibly depending on how much alcohol had been consumed. The results, as we found during one of out ‘critique’ evenings has been fascinating, exciting, varied and moving.  We thought the pieces needed an exhibition of their own and here it is.  For this exhibition no masks are required, no vaccinations and entry is free!

Green shoots are showing however and the Society’s next exhibition will go ahead as normal, from 6th September 2021at Denbies Vineyard in Dorking.

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