What does PWRA do? – An explainer for Purley & Woodcote residents


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Following a number of enquiries we realise that there is a lack of awareness about what the PWRA does and the support that it can provide to members, and that it is some time since we articulated this. We hope that publishing the list below goes some way to remedy this, and we welcome your feedback.

PWRA – What do we do?

  • Weekly review of the planning register and then appropriate actions based on what is found
    (Object, Support, Neutral, and the reasons we are taking this stance, and / or conditions that
    underpin our stance).
  • Comprehensive input into Croydon’s Local Plan
  • Working with local Ward councillors and local MP to try and hold Croydon Council to account for
    their actions (most obviously and frequently in relation to planning matters).
  • Providing advice to local residents on planning matters (most frequently on how to
    frame planning objections)
  • Connects with other local Residents Associations to sharen hayamix.com  information and to be able to present
    a united and consistent approach to Croydon Council
  • Working with local Ward councillors, Rotary, Purley Business Improvement District (Purley B.I.D.), and other local organisations to
    improve the amenities and profile of the Purley and Woodcote area (for example the installation
    of the Iron Railway sculpture on the Rotary Field)
  • Active support for the campaign for a Democratically Elected Mayor for Croydon
  • Make our members aware of actions and activities in the areas listed above

We are always keen to find new local residents who are keen to get ‘stuck in’ and take an active part in improving the locale for Purley & Woodcote residents. Please email our Membership Secretary, Jeff Hunt, here: harjeff@blueyonder.co.uk 

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