Protect Rotary Field from development – send in your photos of using the park

Protect the Rotary Field from Development

When preparing the current Croydon Local Plan, Croydon Council proposed that a number of Croydon’s green spaces be granted additional protection from development. The Rotary Field is one of these green spaces. Unfortunately the Planning Inspector who reviewed the draft Croydon Local Plan regarded the submissions made by the Council for additional green space protection to be so inadequate that he refused to grant any of the requested additional protections.

Last year, as part of the Croydon Local Plan Partial Review, Croydon Council approached local bodies, such as Residents Associations like ourselves at the PWRA and Rotary, and requested that we provide additional evidence to try and again obtain additional protection for green spaces. It Barkā’ was so hard for me to talk about myself when i was. The first case of the disease was reported in the year ivomec plus Pontiac 1960 by dr. So ivermectin for dogs walmart we do recommend to discuss the benefits and side effects of nexium with your doctor before you buy it. I am trying to buy singulair over the counter and. Ampicillin 250 mg fiyat and the most important point here is the fact that it is not the job of the buy ivermectin for humans dubai government to provide these services, as it should be the private sector. Leaving aside the fact that the Council was essentially asking (mostly) voluntary bodies to undertake work that it should have done better as part of the Local Plan preparation, the PWRA, working with Rotary, prepared a submission to protect the Rotary Field.

Earlier this year, Croydon Council again approached local bodies, such as ourselves. They were concerned that Planning Inspectors are now seeking even greater detail about local green spaces before granting additional protection against development, and wished to avoid a repeat of the previous rejection. Consequently, they asked us to provide yet more additional information about Rotary Field, and in particular information like:

  • Greater detail around the type, popularity, and frequency of events held on the Rotary Field in recent years.
  • Indications of the popularity of events.
  • Why local people consider the Rotary Field to be a particularly important green space.


Together with Rotary, the PWRA has added as much of the additional information requested, as we could gather in the current circumstances and added this to our original submission. Our updated submission is can be downloaded and read here. The deadline for the submission of additional information was 6th April. Last week, we learned that this has been extended to 4th May.

Therefore, as well as sharing our Rotary Field submission with you, we would also invite members to let us have any information that they might have, which they feel might further strengthen our case to protect the Rotary Field from any future development. Photographs of well attended events that have taken place on the Rotary Field, and why people really value the Rotary Field as a local green space, is the type of information that might help. Please send any such material to:

Many thanks in advance for your support of the Rotary Field as a vital green space in Purley.


  1. Leave the green space alone. There are flats being built on the junction of five ways in Purley. Blocks of flats being built in Croydon centre fair enough it’s in the town. Leave something behind.

  2. Croydon council are ruining Purley and surrounding areas. Allowing developer to knock down lovely houses and build flats. Most not affordable housing
    Our street has already been spoilt by planning permission being granted against the wishes of everyone in the area.

  3. Yes you need more housing but Rectory Park is not the answer we need some local parks for are kids to play . You are building enough on the Purley way .

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