RESPONSE NEEDED: The Purley Panel – Have Your Say On Local Projects

The Purley Panel – Have Your Say On Local Projects

A couple of months ago the PWRA, together with other Purley focused groups and individuals (such as Purley B.I.D., and Purley Rotary) were asked by the Council to participate in an initiative titled ‘The Purley Panel’. This is an initiative to set up a local body to develop and drive improvement projects for Purley. To this point The Purley Panel has focused on developing a list of potential improvement proposals for Purley, which can then be tested with the wider Purley population in an online survey, and then, based on the survey responses, formulated into actual improvement project plans, as well as being used as input into the Croydon Local Plan Update.

Throughout this process the PWRA has striven to ensure that both the survey and the potential improvement proposals are expressed clearly and simply, and that there is focus on smaller, simpler (and hence financially realistic) proposals – Whilst we would all likely wish to see the gyratory improved, we also know this is unrealistic, especially with the current financial situation in Croydon.

Your response required

This link will take you to the survey: . The survey will close at midnight on 4th December.

The next step after the submission of survey will be to take the survey input and, together with that which we have already provided, formulate this into a proposed action plan for Purley (for example possible short, medium, and longer term improvement proposals) for The Purley Panel to review and agree which should be prioritised in an action plan. We will, of course, keep you updated as this process progresses.

We realise that there have been similar initiatives as this over the years, most of which have come to nothing. We also realise that in the current financial climate, esp in Croydon, that funding for any selected project will need to be found from outside the Council, and that this will likely be a tough task likely involving time and effort to put together ‘business cases’ for funding bodies. Nevertheless, the PWRA, do think that it is worth pursuing this initiative through its next stages. Whilst the development that is / will happen in and around Purley will inevitably result in change, this initiative has the potential to enable us to create and drive improvements in Purley for the benefit of existing and new Purley residents, and so we do urge you to complete the survey.

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  1. Plum Tree Housing Co-op will great full to participate in the activities of the community, we are creating free Spanish integration courses but also we want to see how our Co-op can contribute to the community.
    We are also planing some Permaculture integration chats (Development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient)and on more large rage some work experience with members of the Co-op and the community.
    Please let us know who we can help to the community.

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