Purley Ward Panel currently has a vacancy for the role of Secretary

Good afternoon,
The Purley Ward Panel currently has a vacancy for the role of Secretary. If this is a position that you would like to be considered for, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please note that this is a voluntary role for which no payment or expenses are payable.
The Secretary shall be responsible for:
a) Issuing the appropriate notices for all meetings
b) Either delegating or personally preparing and despatching agendas, minutes of all meetings, and all other relevant paperwork subject to the approval of the Chair, and within the appropriate notice periods.
c) The reporting of all correspondence to meetings of the Purley Ward Panel, subject to the prior approval of the Chair.
d) Reporting to the Purley Ward Panel any new membership applications to fill vacancies and verifying the criteria requirements of potential applicants, ensuring membership criteria is reported to the Purley Ward Panel, maintained and followed.
e) Maintaining an appropriate filing system for all the above.
Ward Panel meetings take place, on average, once every three/four months.
Please note that as a member of the Purley Ward Panel information may be acquired that has not been made public, and will remain confidential until decided by the Metropolitan Police. It will be regarded as a betrayal of trust to breach such confidences. Members must never disclose or use confidential information arising from the work of the Purley Ward Panel for personal advantage or for the advantage of anyone known to them, or to the disadvantage of the Purley Ward Panel or the Police. Apart from the breach of trust, there may be cause for prosecution under the Data Protection Act for the breach of confidential information.
If you would be interested in undertaking this role, we should be grateful if you would kindly contact us at Purley.snt@met.police.uk, supplying your name, address and a contact telephone number no later than close of business on Friday 7th April 2017.
Thank you,
Purley Safer Neighbourhood Team & Purley Ward Panel

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