Purley Planning Summary – 22nd November 2020

Purley Planning Summary – 22nd November 2020

The current volume of planning applications and decisions in the PWRA area can make it challenging to keep up with what is being proposed for our area. Consequently the PWRA Planning Officer now prepares a summary of planning activity in our area so we can more easily track this, and determine the action we will take for new planning applications.

We believe that this will also be useful for members and publish it here so YOU can quickly see what we believe to be the most significant planning matters in the PWRA area, the actions we will be taking / have taken, and enable members to take their own actions (eg objecting or supporting new planning applications).
Running Total of Additional Housing Units in the PWRA Area (from 2018):

Total: 2228 housing units (incl the 21 (vs 19) flat proposal for 88 Riddlesdown Road)

of which

Approved: 1334 housing units

Pending: 616 housing units

Refused: 224 housing units

Withdrawn: 54 housing units

Applications Granted

1 More Close (Ref: 19/04564/FUL) Construction of 9 flats with 6 car parking spaces. Comment: Although passed by Planning Ctte in July, formal notification of the Consent appears to have been delayed pending completion of a S106 Agreement.

Applications Refused

10 Smitham Downs Road (Ref: 20/02625/CONR) Proposed variations to existing permission for 8 flats and a bungalow rejected as they are: i) Too significant to be considered as variations and need a new application, ii) Would result in an out of keeping development, iii) Provide inadequate amenity space for occupiers, iv) Provide a lack of privacy to occupiers of flats 1, 2, 3, and the bungalow, v) Inadequate refuse store.

Significant New Applications

54 Brighton Road (Ref: 20/05626/FUL) 4 X 4 bed houses with one car parking space each. Comment: The proposed houses are in the back gardens of 54 and 56 Brighton Road. Using the change in levels from Brighton Road to Purley Rise access to the new houses would be from Purley Rise with ‘roof top’ car parking. Propose a neutral stance.

93 Downlands Road (Ref: 20/05801/GPDO) Construct a rear extension of 6 meters. Comment: I include this proposal as it is the latest (and smallest) of a number of applications on this property. All the previous proposals have been rejected.

18 Rose Walk (Ref: 20/05872/FUL) Demolition of existing house and outbuildings and construction of an 8 bedroom house. Comment: PWRA takes its lead from the Webb Estate.

16 Smitham Downs Road (Ref: 20/05575/FUL) Demolition of existing family home and construction of a block of 9 flats (1 x 1 bed, 5 x 2 bed, 3 x 3 bed) with 9 car parking spaces (in basement). Comment: The majority of the rear garden of this property has planning consent for a 3 bed house (currently under construction). This application covers the existing house and what is left of the garden. It is gross overdevelopment of the site. Object based on: Loss of a family home, Over development of the site, Out of character, Detrimental to the amenity of adjoining occupiers, Inadequate amenity space for occupiers, Traffic and highways.


5th Floor Capella Court (Ref: L5240/W/20/ 3255405 and 19/04440/FUL) Appeal dismissed for the conversion of this floor (which was formerly a medical (Dialysis) unit) into 9 flats. Comment: Note that there is a GPDO application pending for the conversion of the rest of Capella Court into 132 flats (Ref: 20/05514/GPDO). PWRA has made representations against this.







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