Bird’s Eye View – By John Birkett, RSPB Croydon Local Group

In the current circumstances many of our local interest groups are unfortunately unable to hold meetings that we can attend. One of these is our local branch of the RSPB. Until they are able to hold open meetings again they are producing short updates on the birdlife we may be able to see or hear as we move through this strange year. You can read their most recent update here:

As August gives way to September our songbirds will have mainly become silent. Long gone are the days when the dawn chorus was ringing out as many species announced their presence to the neighbours. The breeding season I essentially over for another year and the adult birds will become harder to find as they moult their care worn feathers for new ones. Others will already be departing these shores heading south to their wintering grounds. Many more, particularly wading birds, will be passing through from further north and might just stop off somewhere near you. Perhaps a sign of things to come, crossbills and siskins were noted in large numbers heading south along the Yorkshire a little while ago. A shortage of food in Scandinavia may have caused them to head across the North Sea earlier and in greater numbers than usual. As we move through September more and more winter visitors will arrive while the rest of the summer birds will be departing.

So, your garden birds may appear to have gone on the missing list, but take heart as they will appear again. That may be later in the year or you may have to wait until 2021 when spring beckons them back. Many people have enjoyed the reassuring presence of our avian friends during the dark hours this spring and early summer. Let’s hope we can enjoy them in healthier and happier times next year.

— By John Birkett – Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, CROYDON CHAPTER

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To find out more about some of the birds seen in Croydon have a look at the Croydon Birders website –

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