Asking for Residents’ views on the Purley Oaks Recycling Centre

“Once again, without any publicity – and at short notice – the council has put an important matter on its web site for residents’ comments.


This time the council is asking for residents’ views on the Purley Oaks Recycling Centre.  The survey closes on July 1, so if you have opinions on this matter please let the council have your views by the due date, using the following link:


As many of you will know, the ending of the free green waste recycling service, coupled with the temporary closure of the Surrey County Council site in Caterham, has resulted in a considerable increase in demand at the Purley site.


The result has been immense queues and major traffic congestion.  The situation has not been helped by recent changes in some aspects of the operation at the site.  Apparently this has resulted in periods during the day when the site has to be closed, either to remove full bins or to compact material in the bins, to ensure that they are filled to capacity.”

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