October 2015 PWRA Committee Report


In September Chairman Phil Reed, Treasurer Andrew Fazer and Membership Secretary Lesley Frazer had been involved in a drive to increase membership.  Target roads were identified and 250+ new member packs (individually addressed welcome letter/copy of the Journal/individually addressed envelope with PWRA logo) hand delivered in:

  • Woodside Road
  • Copse Hill
  • Manor Wood Road
  • Woodcrest Road
  • Downscourt Road
  • Warren Road
  • Russell Hill
  • The Bridle Road

Andrew Frazer reported that, so far, 14 new members had signed up and he expected others to follow.  Phil said he would arrange to have an extra 100 copies of the next Journal printed, to repeat the process in other roads.

Chris Lewis had also posted a membership appeal on the new Streetlife website; he agreed to repeat the process in 1-2 months’ time.


Phil Reed described reports that almost all PCSOs were to be axed as ‘dire’ although they had not been completely confirmed. A review of policing was due to take place in November, at which point it was highly likely that Purley would have to say goodbye to all its PCSOs.

Phil Reed said that this would be highly regrettable, as PCSOs dealt with a lot of the low-level crime and public nuisances which was what tended to affect residents the most.  He added that he did believe that Croydon had got the extra PCs that had been promised after the riots.

Purley BID

Phil Reed reported that the Purley BID application is proceeding

PWRA running costs

Complementing the drive for new members, Phil Reed has been working closely with Andrew Frazer to achieve cost reductions in the distribution of the Journal, which is the Association’s largest single expense.  As a result the Association will try hand deliveries of the Winter issue of the Journal, which if successful, will bring significant annual savings.

Purley Hospital

Although not confirmed, there was a strong possibility that the Minor Injuries Unit would be shut down. Phil Reed had been liaising with the other RAs in the area regarding the situation to present a unified approach protesting against closure. Local MP Chris Philp is also taken an active role.

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